Frederic Lambert, already famous for his portrait photography, is now extending more and more his activities.
Frederic started with the production of numerous books for individuals.
Famous brands like Golden Wood sunglasses, Darcis the Chocolatier, Jn-Joy, … and magazines are now taking advantage of his art.
His talent is now crossing borders as far as Paris, London, Monaco, Rome, Moscow, New York…
Frederic can be proud of his pictures of celebrities like Sophie Marceau, Patrick Bruel, José Garcia, Michael Young, Axel Red, Guillaume Canet, Jamel…

Frederic is successfully performing in studio, as good as outdoor in reputated sites and, only known by him, famous unusual places !

He pays special attention to colours and looks, thereby creating his personal touch. We follow his talent very closely, and look forward to discovering his new creations !